I’ve never loved a group of people as much as I love the ones in searchanddestroyrp.

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deadlytemptations-rp is honestly such a great roleplay group. They’ve had their bad press, but I would say join. The admins are flawless and each roleplayer in that group is honestly amazing. I loved my time I spent in that rpg

thehollows-rising-rpg is back! I’m so happy they reopened the group, it looks amazing now! <3

i-used-to-be-the-impala, lightsxgoneout and dean-anon, when they rp, reading their interactions gives me goosebumps because they’re just so in-character, while presenting situations that I never thought of or knew I wanted to see. I do want though and I love them all. Never change guys

I really love no-going-home. I think they portray Sam wonderfully and I enjoy reading their replies! I hear them in Sam’s voice and I just find them amazing.

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the slow going here, but we haven’t had confessions until now. That being said, sometime tomorrow I’ll make graphics of the three we’ve received and hope that more start to come in soon.

obsidian-finity-rp looks like a pretty good Supernatural rp. I just wish they would post more female bios

Joining whenyouaredone-rpg is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. We’re small and relatively unknown, it seems, but everyone is amazing and I instantly fell in love with all the players.

I love shadowedsoulsrp revamp! Its hard to find a nice TVD/SPN crossover rp.